Our School Rules

Based on mutual respect and understanding

School Rules March 2018


A healthy community requires a balance between freedom and responsibility. The school rules and student discipline at Frensham Heights are based on mutual respect and understanding between the students and teachers. Students are expected to develop self discipline, to behave responsibly and to show consideration in their relationships and dealings with each other.

However, the school has rules to ensure the welfare and safety of its own members and to establish the standards of behaviour it expects from its students. In addition, any breach of good manners, common sense or any activity that endangers the individual or other people, is likely to be regarded as a breach of the school’s rules.

These rules are accurate at the time of publishing but the school does reserve the right to change them from time to time. If further details on any particular issue are required please check for related policies (please feel free to ask the Deputy Head of your Head of School for further information if needed).

The School's Authority

Boarders are under the school’s authority at all times during term, except when with their parents or guardians or clearly under their jurisdiction. Day students are under the authority of the school whilst attending, or representing, the school, are still “signed in”, and are subject to the school’s requirements regarding behaviour, travelling to and from school and at all other times.


Students are required to register by 8.20a.m. and again at 1.55 p.m.


Permission for planned absences of more than one day can be given only by the Headmaster. The school must be informed by telephone, or in writing if a student is absent from the school unavoidably for illness or other reasons. Sixth Form students who need to be absent for short periods during the day (e.g. driving lessons, appointments) need to communicate directly with the Head of Sixth Form for discussion and permission.

Behaviour In Class And Prep

Students are expected to follow the Classroom Expectations; contributing to a positive and orderly atmosphere in the classroom and to work quietly during study periods, Prep (Main House and Hamilton House)and Quiet Time(in Roberts House). A student who falls short of these expectations will undoubtedly find themselves communicating with their subject teachers and tutors in the first instance. This could then be escalated up to Heads of Department and Heads of School if improvements are not made. Saturday Academic detentions are issued by Heads of School for repeat of significant causes of concern.

Students who continue to demonstrate their unwillingness to co-operate may then find themselves in discussions and under the watchful eye of the Deputy Head/Deputy Head Academic, or the Headmaster. Continued lack of progress in this areas or an unwillingness to cooperate could lead to suspension.

Dress And Appearance

Students are expected to follow the school’s dress code and to dress simply, unostentatiously and appropriately in well maintained, clean clothes. Clothing should be free of tasteless, loud or offensive messages, slogans and pictures. Students may be required to wear smart, formal clothing for school trips and other special occasions. Boarders are expected to have “smart clothes” at school.

Leaving The School Site

Any student missing a lesson or other school commitments to attend an interview or appointment away from the school must inform all teachers of their absence at an appropriate time prior to their departure.

  • Students below Year 9 may not leave the site during the school day.
  • Students in Yrs 9-11 may only leave the school site at lunch during the school day and must sign out and back in at Reception. Times for signing out and signing in at Reception can be confirmed with your tutors and the Head of Middle School.
  • Boarders in Yrs9-11 may, with permission and through signing out, visit Rowledge
  • Boarders below the sixth form may not leave the school site after 5.30 p.m. unless involved in an official school activity or with appropriate permission from their Housemaster/mistress.
  • When darkness falls all members of the school must remain within the lighted areas of the school buildings.
  • Members of the sixth form do not need permission to go into Rowledge at lunchtime or the evenings but must sign out from Roberts House.
  • Members of the sixth form who wish to go further afield than Rowledge should request permission from the duty member of staff before departing.
  • Any Boarder who is in for the weekend should ensure they communicate appropriately to the duty staff if they would like to leave the school site.All boarders must sign out before leaving the school campus.


No boarder may leave the school after reporting in time. Absence from a boarding house during the night is a serious offence and will receive appropriate school sanctions.


Students may not invite any visitors to the school premises without prior permission from a member of staff. Visitors to the school must report to the reception and receive the appropriate visitor badge. If visitors are arriving after 5.30 p.m. then they should report to an appropriate boarding house and sign in as a guest of a boarder.


Smoking is against the school rules. Tobacco products (including electronic cigarettes) , lighters and matches may not be brought to school. Students found smoking, or in possession of tobacco products, lighters or matches will be gated, and their parents will be notified. Repeated offences will incur more severe sanctions including Saturday Community Work. Any student found smoking inside the buildings or in the company of younger students or supplying smoking materials to younger students must expect to be suspended.

Summary of Sanctions for Smoking:

First Offence

  • Confined to Lounge, (or an area of Main House), for all break and lunchtimes for a week, completing a gating card which is issued by the Deputy Head
  • Interview with Deputy Head
  • Offer of counselling with School Nurse.
  • Letter to parents from the Deputy Head

Second Offence

As for first offence, plus…

  • Saturday community work set by the Deputy Head

Third Offence

As above for first and second offences plus…

  • May incur internal suspension (depending on circumstances /timing)
  • Warning of suspension for further offences.

Fourth Offence

  • Interview with Headmaster/Deputy Head
  • Suspension from school for a set period (normally 3 days)
  • Interview with the Headmaster and parents, upon return, at which it will be explained that continued abuse of the school’s rules and expectations may lead to expulsion.


The safety and well being of every student is of paramount importance. Any form of bullying or mistreatment of another student (via technology or in person) will be investigated thoroughly and all parties will be involved in reconciliation. A bullying incident could result in gating, parents being informed or suspension . If bullying continues it is likely to lead to the suspension or expulsion of the offender.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones may be brought to school but must be used responsibly. Phones should be switched off or on silent in lessons, meetings or during performances.


Students wishing to bring a bike to school must apply, in advance, for permission from the Deputy Head. Bike riders should be safe, visible and ride sensibly around the school site. See Bike Contract and Guidelines for further information of expectations, including the use of the Bumps Track.

Cars & Motorcycles

Students wishing to drive themselves to school must apply, in advance, for permission from the Deputy Head in writing. No student may travel in a car driven by another student except with the written permission to the Deputy Head of both students’ parents. See Sixth Form Vehicle Contract for further information of expectations.


All forms of substance misuse and abuse are totally forbidden. Possession or misuse of any drugs, prescribed and non-prescribed, at any time in or out of school during term or vacation may result in expulsion. This rule includes the use of legally prescribed drugs, mood altering substances including “legal highs”, glue sniffing, solvent abuse and the like. Further details of the school’s misuse of substances policy can be received on request or available via the parents’ website.


Alcohol is forbidden on school premises, except for senior students under adult supervision at certain authorised school functions. Students who are under the influence, or in possession, of small quantities of beer, cider or wine on site will be gated in the first instance and suspended for any subsequent offences. On a fourth breach of this rule students should expect to be expelled. Students who are under the influence, or in possession of, spirits (or spirit based drinks), large quantities of beer, wine or other drinks of a similar alcohol content must expect to be suspended for a first offence(infringement may result in suspension for between 1 and 7 days) and further abuse of this rule will lead to expulsion. If it was felt appropriate in the view of the Head or School Counsellor then counselling may be required for a student who has developed a history of alcohol abuse.

Sexual Behaviour

Sexual behavior which is embarrassing to other members of the school community or likely to threaten the school’s standards or reputation will lead to suspension. It is important that all members of the community are aware of the impact that their behaviour can have on others and behave appropriately wherever possible.

School Property

Intentional damage to school property is a serious offence. Anyone who causes damage, intentionally or unintentionally, must expect to have to pay for the damage and will face appropriate sanctions.


Climbing in or out of windows or on roofs and buildings is strictly forbidden and students should expect to be suspended if caught. Climbing trees unsupervised is not allowed.

Swimming Pool and Outdoor Education Equipment

The swimming pool and garden and outdoor education equipment are strictly out of bounds except when a suitably qualified adult is present.

Dangerous Weapons

Students are not permitted to have laser torches, knives (including penknives), air pistols, catapaults or other weapons at school. Possession of such weapons will lead to appropriate sanctions and may include suspension or expulsion.

Accumulation of Offences

All members of the community must be aware that accumulation of offences across different areas of behaviour will lead to suspension and possible expulsion. Students must not assume that single offences in individual areas of the school are not considered accumulative and that such negative behaviour will have serious consequences.

Current Sanctions

Where possible it is our intention to make sanctions meaningful, constructive and reflective of the misdemeanor.

Current Sanctions used by class teachers and form tutors include:

‘Academic Catch up time’: normally used when a student is behind with their work and time can be found during the school day that can be supervised or monitored by the teacher imposing it. Form Tutors should be aware if this has been used.

Current Sanction used by the Head of School include:

Gating: means that the Pupil is confined to the School premises for a limited period of time but without further disciplinary consequences, school work or community work is undertaken during this time. Tutors and the Deputy Head are informed.

Saturday Academic: a Saturday morning detention where students are expected to complete academic work as a result of building up a picture of missing work or lessons. This is supervised by the Head or Deputy Head on Duty and is from 9.30am – 11.30am on Saturday morning. Heads of School will communicate directly with parents to inform them of date and reasons.

Current Sanctions used by the Deputy Head include:

Gating: means that the Pupil is confined to the School premises for a limited period of time but without further disciplinary consequences. School work or community work is undertaken during this time.

Internal Suspension: means that the Pupil is removed from lessons and works under supervision away from their peers for a period of time (one to five days). The Head and Head of School are informed or are actively involved in the decision making process

Suspension: means that the Pupil is sent or released home for a limited period. The Head and Head of School are informed and aware of the sanction

The process of Expulsion can only carried out by the Head – or in his absence the Deputy Head . A copy of this policy is available from the school office.